Walden / Lange
for Alaska 2022

 Alaska Deserves Better! 

Bruce Walden is a career soldier who served out of love of country and our way of life. After twenty-one years of service, he came to realize that the country for which he stood is being slowly turned into something else… something that does not resemble the country he served. Let us begin to lead our country by taking our place as an equal partner with the other states and by pursuing the following priorities:

Security of our peopleElection Reform, EducationReal InfrastructureFossil FuelsAgriculture, Employment and Industry, The Permanent Fund DividendKeep our best and brightest at home, Defense of Alaska, Fishing Rights, Alaska Deserves Better! 

Join us as we take back what has been taken from Alaska and restore our state’s greatness.


Security of our people

This includes the unborn Alaskans.  Americans have a Constitutionally guaranteed right to security in their homes.  That includes the home of a newly conceived American.  The overturn of Roe v Wade was a major step in the right direction, but Alaska must step up to the plate to protect her unborn.  Moreover, the federal government trying to force an unproven vaccine on my fellow Alaskans will not be tolerated, nor will we bend to their will when they tell our National Guardsmen that they take the shot or face removal from service… men and women who have served honorably for years.  Human trafficking, rape, child molestation, and drug trafficking will not be tolerated.

True and Transparent Elections

I am convinced that the 2020 election was tampered with.  We have got to do away with “Election Month” and get back to Election Day.  Furthermore, we have to get to a hand recount.  Done properly, using 200 volunteers, it can be done in under five days, in full view of the public and not one vote will be miscounted.  See the section on this on this site.


Alaska is awash in natural resources, but at the same time it is true that we have many people who simply will not work.  That needs to end.  The unemployment payout has to cease when there are “Help Wanted” signs in every window.  We have got to get our state working again… and we will.  If you have an idea for a new business, or even an industry, we are going to smooth the transition from idea to fielded product by using my bully pulpit to connect inventors/entrepreneurs with angel investors, and we will remove the roadblocks that stifle industry.


One of Alaska’s greatest weaknesses will become our greatest strength.  We approach this knowing it is about the student, not the teacher and not a union.  We will pull out of the National Parent Teacher Association and return control of the schools to the localities.  Up until the invention of NEA in the 70s, we had good schools.  Alaska is close to last to dead last in the nation.  Regardless of how one cuts it up, we can do far better.  If we’re not striving for number one, we are failing.  If we are number one and we are not striving to be the best possible, we are losing ground.  We’ll fix that.  Remember, the P in PTA stands for Mom and Dad at home.  The Parents have the last say in their children’s education, knowing that they are raising the next generation of Alaskans.

The Permanent Fund Dividend:

The Permanent Fund Dividend must be restored, and every dime stolen from the Alaskans must be repaid.  The Permanent Fund is hovering around $85 billion right now and if they paid out every dime owed to Alaskans we’d still have around $74 billion in there.  With oil prices rocketing skyward under the… well, the folks in the White House, we’d make that back up in no time.  Many Alaskans rely on that infusion each year.
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Upcoming Events

07 May 2022 (5:30pm to 8:00pm)

Palmer Depot Debate with other governor candidates

30 May 2022 ( 3:00pm to 5:00pm)

Bruce Walden and Tanya Shinew Lange to attend

Memorial day BBQ at 5021 O'Malley Rd, Anchorage, AK

10 June 2022 (6:00pm)

Bruce Walden and Tanya Shinew Lange to attend

Kenai Peninsula Republican women's Club meeting at

Paridiso's Restaurant  811 Main St. Kenai, Ak