Bruce Walden for governor

Bruce Walden

Candidate for Governor

Bruce Walden, the youngest of seven kids, was born in Kokomo, Indiana, the son of a steel worker and a stay-at-home mother.  Mother and Father Walden were Appalachian Christian folk and doubt was a word that did not appear in their lexicon.  They passed this faith along to Bruce.  Bruce is a man of great Faith who has never doubted God, or his Relationship with Christ. 


His first real job was as a member of the Indiana National Guard in 1979, but finding he liked the military life, he enlisted in the Regular Army in 1981 and was offered the opportunity to serve in Charlie (Airborne) 4/23 at Fort Richardson.  Always wishing to come to Alaska, he immediately took the offer.


Later, Bruce served in Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada in 1983 (82nd Airborne Division), the first major military action since the Vietnam War.  In 1987, he attended the Special Forces Qualification Course and served as a Weapons Sergeant (18B) and Intelligence Sergeant (18F) in 1st Special Forces Group (ABN) at Fort Lewis, Washington and Torrii Station, Okianwa, Japan.  He retired from the Army on June 30, 2001 and returned to his beloved Alaska.  However, less than three months later we were attacked and Bruce set about reenlisting, but was told that the Army was not taking back any retirees, so he eventually served as a contractor with Triple Canopy in Mosul Iraq where he protected the embassy personnel.


Bruce is the father of two daughters, two sons, and the grandfather of two grandsons.  He has authored four non-fiction books and thirteen fiction works. 


Bruce served on the Matsu Borough Planning Commission as the deputy chairman, and served on the Borough Emergency Planning Board.  Having been in government, he became disillusioned with the way the state and the boroughs operate.  Legislator after legislator, governor after governor make the same promises and once they arrive in Juneau, Lynn Canal Fever takes over and they almost all go back on their word.


“You never allow someone to become comfortable with showing you disrespect.  If you do, it is very difficult to regain their respect.  After sixty-three years of statehood, we are still allowing ourselves to be treated like a territory.  We are seated at a table laid out with every imaginable delicacy, but we starve on crumbs that fall off the table.  It’s time for Alaska to belly up to the table and feast.  We are uniquely positioned historically, and geographically to lead the country and the world… if we just will.”  Bruce Walden


“We must not need ‘proof’ to believe in God.  Our relationship with Christ is a thing that requires faith… not proof. And true to His Word, no matter my situation, He has never left me nor forsaken me. However, I admit that it is very gratifying when time after time, archaeological evidence presents itself to vindicate God’s Word!”  Bruce Walden