Election Reform:  Clearly, the 2020 election was stolen and much of that because of Dominion software/hardware.  We will audit the 2020 election and seek prosecution of anyone found to have knowingly taken part in the theft in any way.  Hand counts have worked since our nation’s founding. 

If we do not have free and open elections, we have no country.  Without them, we no longer live in a free republic. If you are paying attention, you see rather clearly how the whole election from the local elections right to the Biden election went.  Biden is now seated in the White House and there’s little that we can do about that at just this moment, though we are going to become part of a quickly growing trend in this country. 

Think of this: From the founding of our nation until the 1840s when Telegraphs began to be commonly used, all elections were done by hand count.  And all the results were delivered either on foot or on horse back and it worked just fine.  After the invention of the telegraph and then the telephone, voting was still done in person except in extreme cases (soldiers in the Civil War obviously could not run home to vote and voted absentee) but the results were transmitted by electric conveyances. 

When I was a child in school, in the 1972 elections we were were taught how the “computer voting machines” worked.  And indeed when I first voted in 1980 we were using these, now archaic machines.  But one stepped in, threw his or her levers of choice, and when happy with their decision, they threw another lever and the vote was punched into a card, which then fed through the machine and was counted right there, and the vote was set in stone so to speak.  But it worked.  The votes were sent forward by honest means.

In the most recent elections, we’ve had a push to vote by mail based on a very questionable emergency brought on by a virus that I contend was purposely released by the Chinese.  That’s another story for another paragraph.

Early voting has, as I predicted it would, led to the ability to manipulate the vote and we’ve seen this over and over.  We have election day, not election month and we’ve got to get back to that and we will under a Walden/Lange Administration. 

The convoluted, overly-wordy ballot measures such as Ballot Measure 2 which got you this abominable Ranked Choice Voting have got to be done away with.  No more such things on the ballot that are designed to confuse the voter.  I know many who voted for BM2 who thought they were voting against Ranked Choice Voting and that was the point.  Meanwhile, the Dominion software apparently eases the theft of elections and it must be done away with.  There are those, even on my side of 99% of issues, who say Dominion had nothing to do with that.  But friend, if the box into which you drop your ballot is not on line, but the vote is then fed into another which is online, you are asking for vote theft.

Both Tanya and I propose that votes must be either the old style card/computer style as described above or strictly hand-counted. 


  •  All votes are counted by hand.  It is better to have the right result two weeks from now than an immediate wrong result.


  • Tables are set up in a central counting facility.  Each table has seated one Republican and one Democrat.  Behind each Republican is one Democrat and behind each Democrat is one Republican and they are all over-watched by an Independent or third party member.  Each table is set up so that as a vote is counted the ballot is passed from left to right.  Let us say, the person in the left seat is Democrat.  He or she tallies the vote then passes it to the right to the Republican.  The ballot is not passed to the next table until it has been given the A-Okay by all parties at Table One.  The process it repeated at least once at the next table, and possibly a third.  Thus there is no way it can be stolen.  Furthermore, every table is over-watched by a camera hanging overhead looking directly on to the table.  The name of the voter is not known so this is not an invasion of voters’ rights.  But the whole thing is carried live so that any Alaskan who wishes to can keep an eye on the vote count from start to finish. This will be time consuming but will eliminate any possibility of a vote theft.


  • There will be police standing by to immediately remove anyone who proves to be making an effort to manipulate the vote.


  • My first act as your governor, the moment my hand comes off of The Bible, will be to turn to Lt. Governor Shinew-Lange and state, “Begin an audit of the 2020 vote.  Anyone found to be in purposeful violation of election law, I want prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.