Security of our people

Security of our people: families, and children.  In spite of the ending of Roe Versus Wade, Alaska remains a pro-abortion state.  Human Trafficking is running like wildfire in Alaska and has to stop.  Drug Trafficking hand in hand with the dumping of illegal aliens into our state by the Biden administration goes unchecked.  Every Alaskan, if any, left behind in Afghanistan by this president must be accounted for, by name.

Are your children, your families, your property safe in Alaska?  


Roe versus Wade was overturned.  This is something for which we can all rejoice.  The taking of an innocent life I find repugnant.  But we have taken a long-overdue step in the right direction.  The decision puts the responsibility of the matter back on the states.  Using the bully pulpit of the governor, I will lead in an effort to abolish abortion in our state.  If we ask God’s Blessings upon our beloved state, but turn a blind eye to this institution, we ask in vain. 


All Americans have the Fourth Amendment right to be “secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects…”  If we have a right to be secure in our houses, how much more so that tiny, innocent life secure in the womb? 


At the same time, we have a federal government that apparently, purposely locked the country down for the better part of two years over a virus that ultimately has been defeated through herd immunity just like so many others.  We predicted it would be so, and we were proven right. 


At the same time, we were told to mask up, stay at home, and take a so-called vaccination that has been proven in many cases to be deadlier than the disease it was supposed to treat. 


We have had young folks, particularly girls, seized from their homes.


What is more, take a drive through Anchorage in the wee hours and see how many people you see dancing down the middle of the street so stoned that they do not know where they are.  We see those sitting on the street corner or in front of the door of our local convenience store rolling joints in violation of the law- and this in plain view, in broad daylight and in open defiance of the law.  I ask you, is this the Alaska you want?  If you want to smoke your stuff that’s your business.  That has been no problem since the Raven decision of the early ‘70s, but do it in your home.

But that’s not even the worst of it.  There are those pedaling their poison to our children. Meth labs right in small town Alaska go at full production and nobody seems to care.  Fentanyl coming from China, floods our streets and we do not see it as the pushers know how to make it into pills that look like actual medicine, but in the end it is poison and there is enough in America to kill every American several times over.  It is pushed with impunity.  It is not time for focus groups.  It is time for leadership. 

Here we are in Alaska, 4,000 miles from the Rio Grande.  We are safe from the border crisis, are we not?  Neighbor, the border runs right through the parking lot of your favorite retailer.  Do not doubt it.  Biden is moving these people directly into your backyard.  We will prove this to be true and you’ll see it. “Well, it’s not my fault” no longer works as a valid excuse.  A governor’s first job, and most important job is to protect his or her people. 

Has there been an accounting of Alaskans (if any) left behind in Afghanistan?  I was told that the question had not been asked as it was not the administration’s job to keep track of the location of 720,000 Alaskans.  Again, has the question even been asked?  No.  Apparently not.


The fix:


  •  We must see, and not be afraid to see.  We have got to look into what is really going on, no matter how painful it might be.  You must remember that for every missing Alaskan, there is a family longing for their child.  I I call my my “Untouchables” and they will investigate with great motivation.  There will be arrests as the situation dictates.  Those in this group are experienced at their craft.  No more excuses.​​

  •  Alaska voted to legalize marijuana.  It was your right to do so, but I warned at the outset that it would open the door to much more dangerous drugs.  There has been no real effort to combat elicit drug use or the sales thereof.  I contend that the “War on Drugs” was never joined.  It was all smoke and mirrors.  When you have government officials who know where the meth labs are, but nothing is done, you have a problem.  We’ll fix that.


  •  Alaska has the highest number by population of instances of rape and child molestation.  I will lead a campaign to put special markers or license plates on the cars of those who do such things, and to place signs in the yards of those who have molested, even after their release from jail so that kids know to stay away.  Is this too gruff?  What about the rough treatment of that child or that woman whose innocence was stolen from them.  Statistically, those who molest have a 100% recidivism rate.  If you molest once, you WILL molest again.  I want stiffer jail terms for those who rape and molest and those of you who do such things, I will make you so uncomfortable, if you are not behind bars, you will seek to leave our state by the quickest means possible.

  •  We will demand a full accounting, by name, of every single Alaskan, if any, who was left behind in Afghanistan.  Other governors have done this.  Ours did nothing.  Am I wrong?  If so, why are we not told?  We will fix this.  As a career soldier, a combat vet and the father of an Afghanistan vet, the thought of our troops being left behind, again, is intolerable to me.