Tanya Shinew-Lange

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Tanya Shinew-Lange is the daughter of a truck driver and army veteran. Her wish was to follow her mother into the military, but was unable to. Tanya came to Alaska from Michigan at the age of 4 with her parents, Richard and Kerry. Richard worked as a mechanic on the pipeline for several years, then the family moved back to Michigan. Tanya's lifelong goal was to move back to Alaska when she was older. In 1998, Tanya and her three children moved to Alaska for good.
Tanya worked as a paramedic for many years, but after a back injury she had to switch careers. Tanya decided to go into mental Health and social work.
After trying for 7 years to adopt her grandson, Tanya knew there had to be a better way.  As a result, Tanya became interested in children's issues and began to research child trafficking and child abuse.  She has first hand knowledge of much of this terrible plague on Alaska and will be instrumental in bringing it to an end.  Tanya was a forensic interviewer for maltreated children and was able to assist in getting abusers prosecuted.
Tanya is the mother of three grown children; two sons and one daughter. Tanya also has six biological grandchildren and many others adopted by love. Tanya wants to make Alaska great again for her children and all the children that she loves.